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Staging a home professionally, prior to putting it on the market, benefits everyone involved with the sale and purchase of the home. Home staging has been shown to be effective after a property has been on the market and is not getting the attention the home deserves. One of our clients had their Michigan home on the market for over a year before Downriver Home Staging professional staged each room. The result was multiple offers received in less than 30 days after staging then listing the home for sale. The homeowners were amazed by the results of the home staging and had been skeptics until they saw that by following our detailed plan, and allowing small changes to happen to their home, gave them the outcome they had been waiting for.

A staged home is a home that has been thoroughly cleaned, small repairs have been completed, rooms have been de-cluttered, and all rooms look warm and inviting from the moment the buyer steps out of their vehicle. Professional home staging is very similar to prepping your vehicle for sale, or getting ready for a night on the town. The same detail is needed to transform your home from everyday living into a home that is sparkling clean, bright, and inviting.

Professional home staging shows buyers a home’s true potential. Buyers often do not have the funds to purchase a home and pay more money to address repairs, painting, etc. When those things are completed upfront by the seller, buyers respond positively. Buyers realize and appreciate the benefits of purchasing a professionally staged property. Staging your home professionally can result in a faster sale, multiple offers, and better contingencies. Make sure your home will look better than the homes for sale nearby by investing in Downriver Home Staging’s professional home staging services.

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