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Finding The Hidden Value In Your Home!

Staging your home while not easy, can result in greater gains than not staging. Here are a few home staging tips that you can complete, on your own, without the help of a professional home stager:

  • Start with removing the overly personalized rooms including removing family pictures, religious icons, wallpaper, and extra furnishings. 
  • Give your home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Every surface should be clean including windows and doors.
  • Make a small repair list including which rooms should be re-painted.
  • Remove at least half of the items from each of your closets, keeping the floor clear. This is a good time to donate items that you have been holding onto. Anything you can donate, sell, or throw out will result in less items to pack up. 
  • Look at your home from the street, does it have curb appeal? If not consider painting the front door and adding a few pots with flowers.
  • Finally, start packing and consider storing excess furniture and moving boxes off-site.

When should you hire a certified home stager from Downriver Home Staging?

As soon as you determine that you want to list your home.

A word about agents:

  • Do not rely on your real estate agent to tell you what you need to do to prepare your home unless they are also a certified home stager.
  •  Some agents are home stagers, but the majority are not.
  • They may tell you to clear all your counters and take down the personal photos, but they do not always tell you what to replace those items with. Without those items, your home will feel cold and lifeless. Or they may not tell you enough of what you should do for fear of insulting you and possibly losing you as a client. Their goal is to sell your home and our goal is to ensure your home is ready to be sold.

The whole point of home staging is to help the buyer to imagine themselves living in your home and how happy they will be there. This means it needs to feel like home. After having lived in your home it is hard to look at it objectively and identify what must be done for it to receive the attention it deserves.

At Downriver Home Staging we will look at your home objectively and tell you what you need to do for your home to be marketable. We are the experts and out past clients have had phenomenal success by following our suggestions. On average, homes staged by Downriver Home Staging have received multiple offers at or above list price in less than 4 days. We want you to have the same success!

Do not take a chance and list your home without having a professional Home Stager from Downriver Home Staging provide you with expert direction on preparing your home to sell fast.

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